FAQ Sleep Master ® - Frequently Asked Questions

To all our friends who wish to live life to its fullest, and understand the value of proper sleep to achieve that goal, we believe our sleep mask by Sleep Master is the safe and natural answer. Thousands and thousands of customers the world over have purchased our sleep mask since 2001, and here are some of the reasons why...

1. I've tried other sleep masks. What makes Sleep Master different?

Feel your body, mind and spirit respond to natural and restful sleep with Sleep Master. With its unique all-in-one, patented design (U.S. Patent Nos. D465,234 S and D668,703 S), Sleep Master is an adjustable sleep mask combining total light elimination and built-in sound muffling, the two conditions necessary for deep restful sleep. Traditional sleep masks only cover your eyes, and are clumsy and uncomfortable. They provide no noise relief, requiring the separate use of ear plugs, which constantly fall out with the head movement typical during sleep. Instead, Sleep Master is adjustable, comfortably surrounds your head and covers your ears with soft padding for sound muffling, and easily connects in the back of the head with Velcro strips. This exclusive design quickly induces a deep and refreshing sleep.

2. How should Sleep Master be used?

By everyone who values quality restful sleep. Sleep Master was invented for people with sleeping difficulties, for those who just enjoy napping during the day or while traveling, and even for those whose partners insist on watching TV or reading late into the night.

"Power Napping" is a popular use of Sleep Master among our thousands of customers the world over. Study after study has shown that even short periods of "shuteye" can keep you sharp. Indeed, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were known to be work-day nappers. Landmark research by Harvard University (Newsweek, July 15, 2002), found that "power napping" - up to an hour in the middle of the day - helps stop deterioration in performance. "Power naps" were found to be especially helpful for people who work irregular hours (as many as 30 million Americans work nights or evening shifts - e.g., the military, hospitals, hotels, airlines), and the Harvard University study showed that they are much more likely to have sleep problems. Sleep Master is proven to easily and comfortably provide the environment necessary to quickly induce a deep and refreshing "power nap." With the help of Sleep Master, you will improve your health, memory, concentration, mood, and ability to make decisions.

3. What is Sleep Master made of?

Sleep Master is made in the USA, with the highest quality materials. Our fabric was selected after years of research and an extensive quality review. We believe it is the finest and most comfortable fabric available for daily wear on the face and head, is commonly used in all types of fine wearing apparel, and is exceptionally suited for its intended use as a sleep mask. The use of a dark "ocean blue" fabric is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also allows for maximum light elimination, an essential factor in sleep enhancement.

Amazingly lightweight, comfortable, and "breathable," Sleep Master utilizes a soft, cool, synthetic satin fabric. It is flexible, durable, washable and hypo-allergenic. Our fabric stretches or constricts for the maximum comfort you desire. The interior of our mask is cotton, with extra padding around the ears for sound muffling, and contains no latex. The mask easily connects in the back of the head with Velcro strips. Made with superior quality materials and construction, Sleep Master is a far superior value than other masks on the market.

4. What is the idea behind "built-in sound muffling?"

Combined with total light elimination, the patented built-in sound muffling feature induces a deep and refreshing sleep, shutting out the world in an immediate intimate way.

The conditions necessary for deep sleep are light elimination and sound reduction. Sleep Master is an all-in-one sleep mask, which combines those features together in its patented design. The concept is simple - with its adjustable and comfortable fit, Sleep Master surrounds your head and covers your ears (easily connecting in the back of your head with Velcro strips), simultaneously blocking light and muffling sound, quickly inducing a deep and refreshing sleep or nap.

5. Are there safety concerns I should be aware of?

For safety reasons, the sound muffling feature of our sleep mask results in a substantial reduction of distracting outside sound, but not total sound blocking. This allows you to still hear the children in the next room calling out, or the phone and alarm clock ring, as examples. For maximum sound reduction, we provide complimentary ear plugs with each purchase. You may insert the ear plugs in your ear canals before placing Sleep Master around your head. This will block out sound completely, while also holding the ear plugs in place throughout your sleep.

These top quality ear plugs put no pressure on the ear canal, are pre-shaped, tapered and rolled small for easy insertion, and expand in the ear canal for a custom fit. These special ear plugs are soil resistant, washable, non-allergenic and non-irritating. These are the same ear plugs used by airport workers around jet aircraft, and they provide outstanding performance in a variety of temperatures and humidities. If you choose to use these ear plugs with Sleep Master, please be careful because you will not hear anything.

6. How do you wash Sleep Master?

Sleep Master should be hand washed in cold water, and allowed to drip dry. You may wash Sleep Master as often as you like, following the simple instructions on the back of the mask's label. Because of its sturdy and durable construction, and its washability, Sleep Master is far more hygienic and lasts much longer than other masks on the market.

7. How often should I replace Sleep Master?

Because of its sturdy and durable construction, Sleep Master lasts much longer than other masks on the market. We recommend replacing Sleep Master at least once a year, although customer experience varies. Our research and surveys with customers since 2002 have shown that even with rigorous daily use, and multiple washings, our mask can last for years.

8. Can Sleep Master be used with a CPAP (for sleep apnea sufferers)?

Yes. CPAP users report that Sleep Master fits comfortably when used with most CPAPs, and significantly enhances their sleep experience.

9. Does Sleep Master really help keep a lady's hair in place during sleep?

Yes! Some people might find this idea a bit silly, but we take it very seriously for our female customers. We've all heard the saying "Nothing looks better on a woman than a good night's sleep." Well, Sleep Master takes this concept even further - in addition to its sleep effect, a special bonus is that Sleep Master actually keeps your hairstyle in place during sleep. Wake up, take off Sleep Master, and you are ready to go... No bedhead!